China Mobile Win Big in TD-LTE Spectrum Allocation


??? 2013 ITU Telecom World yesterday opened in Thailand. TD Industry Alliance (TDIA), as a part of the event, joint hands with International Telecommunication Union (ITU), China Mobile, TD-LTE Global Development Initiative (GTI) to hold “TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Seminar”. In the seminar, China announced TD-LTE spectrum allocation result, three domestic carriers all got their own share while China Mobile emerged a big beneficiary by getting D-band 60MHz spectrum resource.

China Mobile got 130M TD-LTE spectrum

In this seminar, China Radio Authority Director Xie Feibo gave out a detailed introduction of China’s TDD spectrum allocation plan:

China Mobile, 1880 – 1900 MHz, 2320-2370 MHz, 2575-2635 MHz;

China Unicom, 2300-2320 MHz, 2555-2575 MHz;

China Telecom, 2370-2390 MHz, 2635-2655 MHz.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is now considering to use 1.4GHz, 3.5 GHz spectrum resource for the subsequent TDD development needs.

From the results, China Mobile got 130M spectrum including 60M frequecy on D-band (2500 ~ 2690MHz), which highlighted its dominant status in TD-LTE era.

China Telecom and China Unicom were both given 40M TD-LTE spectrum, in which 20M for E-band and 20M for D band. However according to previous report, China Telecom won 60MHz spectrum on 1.8GHz band and China Unicom got 50M (1955 – 1980MHz / 2145-2170MHz) spectrum on 2.1 GHz band for FDD construction.

Subscribers flood in

As a worldwide starndard, TD-LTE developed slower than FDD-LTE. According to the GSA statistics, the global TD-LTE users totaled to 5,000,000 while FDD-LTE users has topped 100 million users.

China Mobile president Li Yue pointed out that the integration of TDD and FDD has become a mainstream of the global system for mobile communications. Current TD-LTE industry chain is mature. Once the goverment issued the licenses, new subscribers will flood and take the whole industry into a new epoch.